.22 Rifle League
Please see the bottom of the page to sign up for a league.

Fall league starts September 3, 2024, and will run every Tuesday evening at 6p.m. for 8 weeks. Please see below the restrictions. 

You can sign up at the range counter or you can fill out the form below and submit it.

.22 Rifle League:

  - Shooters fire at a five-bull's-eye target
  - Shooter's fire 10 shots at a target per round ~ total of 50 shots
  - 30 people maximum in each league
  - Targets are set at 30 yards
  - 30 second time limit per round
  - Shooting is with iron or red-dot sites, or scope
  - League shooting starts Tuesday nights about 6:00 PM

  - Shooter's will not be able to bench rest

  - Shooters can not use bipods/tripods or sandbags

.22 Rifle League Sign-up Form