Shooter's 30-yard range has 6 lanes indoor and is open for handguns and long guns. (See below for allowed ammunition and weapons) Note no rifles are allowed on this range.

Shooter's 30-yard range has 6 lanes indoor and is open for handguns and long guns. (See below for allowed ammunition and weapons)

Our indoor ranges are predominately handgun ranges. You can shoot any handguns except a .50 caliber. You can shoot long guns which shoot handgun cartridges on the 30 yard range only, such as 22 LR, 9mm, 357, etc.  Shotguns and high powered rifles are not allowed on either range.

Range Fees Include
Non-Members - $22.00 an hour or $11.00 a 1/2 hour. 2nd person in the booth is $11.00 an hour.
Members - $10.00 all day or $5.00 a 1/2 hour

Range Hours
Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Thursday  10 AM to 6 PM
Friday 10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

Please note last person goes on the range 45 minutes before we close, so you have time to shoot and we have time to clean up.

Call ahead and reserve a lane for parties more than 5.   Private parties welcome.

Individual Membership $175.00

Family Membership $250.00
Anyone living in the same household.

First Responder Membership $125.00
This package offered to active duty L.E.O.s, EMTs, and Fire Fighters with valid credentials

Senior Citizens (62 and older) $125.00

Senior Family $200.00

Anyone living in the same household

Security Memberships $150.00
This package is offered to all active, licensed security personnel with valid credentials. Must be licensed in Illinois.

Military Membership $150.00
This membership package is offered to all active military members with valid credentials.

Each Membership includes 12 Guest Passes to use for friends & family to shoot at their member rate of $9.00 all day long.

Membership advantages:
Priority range use
All day range rate of $10.00
Discounts on targets and ammo
Discounts on gun rental
Free use of ear and eye protection, while on the range.
Firearm transfer discounted price $20.00
5% discount on selected store items

Range use as available
Hourly range rate of $22.00
Full price on targets and ammo
Full price on gun rental
Full price on ear and eye protection
Firearm transfer fee $40.00

Range Policies and Procedures

1. Always keep the gun muzzle pointed downrange.
2. Uncased or unholstered firearms must be unloaded with the action open when not in use.

3. You must uncase and recase your firearm in the booth.  Absolutely no uncased firearms are allowed outside of the booth.
4. If the Red Light comes on, cease fire at once, set your firearm down, and step out of the booth.

5. Eye and ear protection are required on the range at all times.
6. No one is allowed in front of the firing line at any time for any reason.
7. Load and unload firearms and magazines at firing points only.
8. Keep your firearm unloaded and action open until ready to fire.
9. Drawing from a holster to fire is not permitted on the range.
10. No rapid firing - no more than one shot per second.
11. The Range master is in charge of range activities at all times!
12. Range commands must be obeyed for everyone's safety.
13. No one who has consumed alcohol or drugs will be permitted on the range.
14. Pregnant women are not permitted on the range.
15. No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted on the range.
16. No steel core ammo or tracer ammo is permitted.
17. Shoes and shirts are required.
18. Notify the Range master (or range safety officer) if you have any difficulties.
19. No person under the age of 7 (seven) is permitted to shoot.
20. Shooter's Firearms reserves the right to refuse service to any person.
21. Police your area ~ remove all brass and trash, then dispose of it properly. Be respectful of the next shooter.
22. No cell phone calls while on the range. You can send and receive text messages, but no conversations.
23. Shooting rifles is not allowed on the 15 yard range - only on the 30 yard range.

24. No photography or video recording is allowed on the range without the expressed permission of Shooter's management.

Suggestion: always wear a high neck shirt or blouse when you come to shoot. This minimizes the chance of hot brass getting inside your top.

You are welcome to recover brass which belongs to you and is within reach and behind the firing line.

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