Customer Testimonials

Customer Name: Brian N.
"I took the two day CCW classes and could not have been more satisfied for doing so.  The instructors I had were Tony, Bruce and Rich.  All of them were very pleasant and professional in their teaching and training sessions.  Owning my own business, I feel it is an incredible price for this class to receive their expertise and experience.  I will recommend Shooter's to everyone I can. Thanks again."

Customer Name: Glenn L.
"I just completed my CCW classes at their range.  I was not looking forward to setting in class for 2 days but Tony and Rich made the classes very enjoyable and informative. I learned a lot and they gave me even more to think about."

Customer Name: Mike D.
"The Range is nice to shoot at. The people are wonderful. Good selection of firearms. You guys are wonderful. "

Customer Name:  Ken R.
"I am very pleased with Shooter’s Gun shop & Range. They are always friendly and helpful with any questions or needs I have. The range is a pleasure to shoot in. It is new, clean, well ventilated, and well supervised. If you are an experienced gun owner or new to the sport, I highly recommend you to try Shooter’s. You will join the many happy customers (like me) in sharing an all-around great experience here."

Customer Name: Gerald H.
"Shooters is close and convenient. Great facilities. Very friendly, complete knowledge of all firearms. Good supply of ammo and all shooting supplies. Very Helpful with gun accuracy. Great Customer service, “A guys hangout”."

Customer Name: Mike M.
"Went here by referral and the people were extremely helpful. Asked several times if I was being helped. Found exactly what I needed when other shops didn’t have it. While browsing I also found a wide variety of firearms. I would give them an A+."

Customer Name: Jim L.
"I always recommend Shooter’s Firearms…… Knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent custom work. Great prices, if I am looking for specialty items they always found them for me. Shooter’s is my go to place all of my second amendment needs!"

Customer Name: Janice M.
"When I came into the store I was ignorant as to types of guns, calibers, etc. And you guys have always been so patient in explaining and showing me the different types of guns and calibers. So much so that I have now bought 2 guns from you. Thank you so much for being patient with me."

Customer Name: Sam D.
"Huge Thank you to all the staff and friends at Shooter’s. The women’s league was a blast and the hospitality was awesome. Cannot wait until the end of season get together."