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 SHOOTERS Custom Shop - 1911 Labor Prices

Prices are estimated labor only and do not include parts, taxes, shipping, etc.…

Standard Trigger Job (3.5 to 4.5 lbs.)                                    $75.00

Series 80, 90, and Gold Cup Trigger Job                             $100.00

Detail Clean and Inspection                                                  $25.00

Fitting and Installation:
     Trigger Group
           Match Trigger (should have over-travel screw)           $30.00  (add $10.00 if pre-travel capable trigger)
           Hammer                                                                    $30.00

           Sear                                                                           $30.00
           Disconnector                                                             $30.00

     Frame Group
          Tap and install oversize grip bushing (Each)               $25.00
          Stake plunger tube to frame                                       $45.00
          Ejector                                                                        $20.00
          Thumb safety                                                              $40.00
          Ambidextrous thumb safety                                        $50.00  (add $15.00 if grip modification required)
          Beaver Tail Grip Safety (no finish)                              $100.00  (bare visible steel may be cold blued or left                                                                                                                                                                          bare)

          Drop in beaver tail Grip Safety                                     $40.00
          Standard Grip Safety                                                    $30.00
          Magazine Catch                                                           $25.00

     Main Spring Housing
          Standard Mainspring Housing                                     $30.00
          Bobtail mainspring housing                                      $175.00 (bare visible steel may be cold blued or left                                                                                                                                                                          bare)

          Slide / Frame fit tightening                                      $200.00
          Install long guide rod and plug                                  $25.00
          Tune Extractor                                                           $35.00
          Lower ejection port                                                    $75.00

          Rear Sight (GI)                                                           $30.00
          Front Site (GI)                                                            $30.00
          Novak Sights (already machined slide)                      $25.00
          Slide stop                                                                  $25.00

     Barrel Fit and Installation
          Standard Barrel                                                       $100.00
          Match Barrel                                                           $175.00
          Ramped Barrel                                                        $175.00
          Oversize Barrel Bushing                                            $50.00