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FFL Gun Transfer Request Form

We handle firearm transfers. The fee is $40.00 ($20.00 if you are a Shooter's member.) If you are interested in having us handle your firearm transfer, please fill out the form below and we will fax or email the necessary information. Once you've completed the purchase, we highly encourage you to come in to the shop at your earliest convenience to fill out the paperwork necessary for your background check. Your waiting period starts when you fill out the paperwork and can include the time your firearm is in shipment.

Dear Customers and Friends,
EFFECTIVE 6/17/2022
Because of the new law and state guidelines signed by Pritzker, Shooter's Firearms and Indoor Range INC will not be selling, trading, or transferring any frames, guns, or lower receivers made after October 22, 1968, that do not have serial numbers. 
Thank you,
Shooter's Firearms

FFL Gun Transfers