Q: Once I have completed my Illinois training, how do I apply for my permit?
           A: The online application is available at this web address: https://www.ccl4illinois.com/ccw/Public/Home.aspx

Q: Is there anyone that can help me complete my online CCL application?
           A: Yes. On Tuesdays through Fridays we offer this service. We charge $20.00 per application. The fee includes creating a digital copy of your certificate, taking your photograph, and creating your IL Digital ID. You need to make an appointment for this service.

Q: Do I have to submit finger prints to the Illinois State Police (ISP) with my application?
            A: No. Finger prints are optional to submit. ISP has 90 days to approve an application that includes electronic finger prints, and 120 days to approve an application submitted without finger prints.

Q: Where can I get my electronic finger prints taken?
            A: Electronic finger prints must be completed by Live Scan Vendors licensed in Illinois. Shooter's Firearms and Indoor Range is a licensed finger print agency. We can complete your finger prints at our facility during normal business hours, Tuesday through Friday. Please call 618-281-6393 and make an appointment for this service.

Q: What is the difference between an Illinois day one class and an Illinois day two class?
            A: A day one course covers the first eight hours of training required under 430 ILCS (the Illinois Concealed Carry Act). Day one classes are for individuals that have no prior training, or less that eight hours of qualifying training. Day two courses are for everyone, even if you have eight hours total of prior training, either from a Illinois day one course or other sources.

Q: What qualifies as prior training?
           A: The following count as four hours of prior training...
                  - Proof of attending and completing a IL Hunter Safety Course
                  - Proof of completion of a Chicago Firearms Safety Course
                  - A non-resident permit from the following states...
                        Utah, Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan
           B:  The following credentials will qualify as eight hours of training toward the necessary 16...
                   - NRA Basic Pistol Certificate
                   - NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Certificate
                   - NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Certificate
                   - Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged member of the United States Armed Forces
                   - Proof of prior Law Enforcement/ Corrections Officer Firearms Training

Q: What if I have only four hours completed toward the necessary 16 hours for an IL Conceal Carry Permit?
            A: For students with a qualifying four hour credit, we at Shooter's give these students a 50% discount on day one training cost.

Q: If I have 8 hours of prior training, but still wish to attend a day one course what will I pay?
            A: We offer the same 50% discount to students who fall under this category for day one training.

Q: What if my prior training qualifies as more than 8 hours of prior credit?
            A: Illinois will only accept up to 8 hours of prior training credit.

Q: Who is exempt from training for a Conceal Carry License?
            A: Current Law Enforcement Officers, Security Guards with an Illinois PERC Card, Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors, and Illinois Conceal Carry Instructors.

Q: Do I have to qualify with my own firearm?
            A: While we strongly suggest students use one of their personal firearms, we can provide firearms for students to use in the classroom and on the range. Students will be required to provide or purchase ammunition for range qualification whether they use their firearm or one provided by Shooter's.

Q: What type of firearm can I use for range qualification?            
            A: We require that students use a concealable firearm for range qualification. Our standards are set for firearms that are conceivable for daily carry completely concealed from view of the public. While there is no minimum caliber restriction for your qualification gun there are limits on excessive calibers and gun sizes. For example a Smith and Wesson 500 is not permitted for use as a qualification firearm. We generally request barrel lengths of three inches or smaller. Exemptions are made on a case by case basis. For example a large framed person can in some instances conceal a full size 1911 on their person, so we make exemptions on the barrel length for certain instances. Please consult with one of our instructors for further questions in this area.

Q: How do I know I am receiving training from certified instructors?
            A: All Illinois approved Conceal Carry Instructors are listed on the Illinois State Police website at this address https://www.ccl4illinois.com/ccw/Public/Home.aspx 
            Searching Monroe County will list our instructor - Anthony Caito.

Q: How do I know if the company I choose for my training has a course certified by the Illinois State Police?
            A: Approved courses are listed at this web address 
            Look for the company name to be listed on the above listed web page.

Q: I took an eight hour firearm class that covered Utah, Florida, and Missouri. How many hours of credit with that class count toward an Illinois Conceal Carry Class?
            A: That class will count as four hours credit toward an Illinois Conceal Carry Class, per Illinois State Police (ISP). ISP has informed us that any one class for any combination of non-resident permits will count as only four hours of credit toward an Illinois CCL.

Additional FAQ can be found on the IL State Police Website at https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/CCL.aspx 

Have a question that was not addressed here? Please email classes@shootersindoorrange.com

Illinois Concealed Carry Frequently Asked Questions