Shooter's Firearms

and Indoor Range

Youth Rimfire League

The next league has not been scheduled.  Call Shooter’s at 618-281-6393 for any questions. 

The cost is $10.00 per day you shoot.  Bring your ammunition or purchase it at Shooter’s. You can not shoot steel core ammunition on our range.

Youth ages 7 to 15 years old are allowed to shoot in the league with a parent or legal guardian. the youth shoots a 22 LR rifle the first four weeks and a 22 LR pistol the last four weeks. The adult shoot a 22 LR pistol the first four weeks and a 22 LR rifle the following four weeks.  All shooting is done with iron or red-dot sights.  Participants shoot a 5-bull’s eye target at 15 yards.  The youth shoots each target 5 shots and the adult shoots each target 5 shots. Shooting at each target is started by the Range Master and shooters have 30 seconds to complete their 5 shots.

Each shooting pair's standing in the league is determined by their cumulative total score.

If you cannot make a Sunday shoot, you can shoot a “makeup” target only the Sunday after the Sunday you missed.

Shooter’s Firearms and Indoor Range is located at 310 BB Road, Columbia, IL 62236